Do you have to rich to be stylish?

Fashion is expensive. Style is not. Some of the most stylish girls I know are certainly not the wealthiest.”

 – Nina Garcia

– I literally live by these lines when it comes to my personal style!
I have been fashion blogging for quite a while now and I have been following tons of other bloggers during this time. There is one thing that seems to be common with everyone – is the brand consciousness. Most blogs seems to mention the big stores and the expensive brands they buy their clothes and accessories from. Shoes – from here, bag from there and so on! Since they are usually name of big brands, it made me wonder – if it is important for you to be rich to be stylish!? Only those who can afford these clothes and accessories could be successful bloggers?? To be honest – I don’t think so! Like I said – I live by these lines by Nina Garcia. You don’t need to be rich to be “stylish” but to be a “fashionable” or “trend-follower” – may be yes! Style is what you are – it’s your personal style. Something that shows who you are without you explaining it! Fashion is – well, fashion! To me – it is just following the trend, following magazines. Buy what’s ‘in’ – throw what’s ‘not’!

Since I am not a brand consciousness person, I don’t like to mention where I buy my stuff from. But to let you guys know – most of it is thrifted – picked up from the streets, flea markets and may be a couple of decent stores around the city! I buy clothes from wherever I can! I love flea markets! I don’t mind being on a limited budget for shopping. I enjoy hunting for new shopping places and buy stuff that I really enjoy. I think it makes me a better shopper! I’d love to know your views on this!




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