Life Lately ..

holla! hope you had a wonderful weekend wherever you might be! wow! past few days have been pretty busy. my parents where here this weekend. i miss them and i wish i get to see them more often. i managed to wake up early on past saturday and went for a walk, it’s amazing how some sort of activity in the morning can change my mood, lift me up, makes me appreciate all the beauty around me and how blessed i am! i have been going for early morning walks since then and trust me it is just incredible!

^^ sunshine makes me happy! 🙂 ^^

^^ how pretty! ^^

^^ beautiful sunset view from my house! ^^

^^ i made this pen sketch past weekend. Pen work is really time consuming, but in the end it comes out really nice with all the details and stuff. I enjoyed making this! ^^

have a wonderful week!


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