Battle of hearts and minds

Lately I’ve been thinking about how close I am to make one of the biggest decisions of my life. I think I’ve always found myself in this constant battle between my heart and my brain. Talking about brain – it’s a wondrous thing! It makes you think practically, logically, makes you realize the pros and cons of something, something you should know and things you are capable of knowing.On the other hand, there is this mawkish heat of mine – so hopeful, makes me easily depart all the negative thoughts and just do whatever makes me happy-without thinking about anything else. Trust me; there are plenty of gaps in how these two parts work. At least that’s what I feel and it gets really crazy and frustrating when I agree with both of them – when I don’t know which side I am on and I don’t know which path to follow. I’m pretty sure it happens to everyone else too, but sooner or later we have to make a decision.

Decisions – Our decisions define our personality and our character. We are making them all the time and I feel there is no such thing as a good decision or bad decision. Something that is good for someone might not be good for you or the other way around. You just have to deal with it I guess and that’s what I feel about the whole mind and heart thing. It’s very rare when I find myself contented with both of them. You have to compromise with either of the one I guess. I think I am a very emotional person, but I feel it should be the other way around. Being emotional is fine, but it really becomes a pain when you have to make a very conscious and important decision and when you really need to be practical about something. Usually, the haze in our lives is the result of a series of adjustments we make within ourselves and with others.

I really wish I was like one of those people who would just listen either to their brain or just their heart and at least know how they are going to deal with something. They say- “always follow your heart.” I wish it was that simple!


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