If you want to be happy, be.

Oh hey everyone!

I want to thank people who decided to follow my blog!  🙂

 So lately I have been dealing with a lot of negative energy and it makes me feel miserable. It’s been quite a while now and I realized that being happy or positive in life is something that won’t come around itself. You really need to work on it, you need to do things that make you happy. You need to make the choice of being happy – being happy no matter how much how things go wrong!

 You will fail. Trust me when I say, because you will. Not one time, not twice, not thrice but you will fail a lot of times before you finally learn to get this thing going. It is not easy to make this choice when things aren’t how they should ideally be. But that’s how life is, not everything works the way you plan it.

 We have no control over situations, but we have control over ourselves, don’t we? It’s not been very tough for me because I am a happy and positive person by nature and when things go wrong, they bother me and they bother me a lot sometimes. But when I decide to be happy, it actually feels right! It helps me let go off the negativity and see the funny and positive side of things!

 It’s really a matter of choice, I guess! You should choose to be happy, wherever you are!


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