Ship of Theseus – a must watch!

How are we all? I feel like I’ve been a little absent around here this week. I’ve been catching up with friends from overseas and I watched this really amazing movie ‘Ship of Theseus’. First things first- this movie is a must watch, its a brilliant piece of work and this movie has no popular names, there are no songs and there are English subtitles.


Here is few reasons why you might like this movie –

– One will realize that vision does not necessarily have to result in glee for the blind

– One waging a war against cruelty cannot survive to win the war without endorsing it some point  if their life is at stake

– This movie is so real that one can venture out to find scores of such people I  stories in real world

– Life’s fulfillment is just not about money  or one’s own self but something subtler and yet larger than life


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