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    Favourite White Shirt!

    Well well well, look who’s back here! Apologies to each and everyone who look forward to reading my blog because I haven’t done anything here in a long long time. I wouldn’t say I was out of inspiration. To be very honest, I was very much inspired to do blog posts but recently I have been very very busy  with a few projects particularly retro days shop website (yes, it’s coming really soon, stay tuned!). I have been taking pictures of myself almost everyday and I was really tired of it! Last week has been a good break from all self photography and finally today I was willing to do…

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    In Collaboration with Toomuchjazz :) 

    Tally-ho, dear readers! Feeling the chill factor? I’d recommend warming up with nothing but plaids!  Oh yes, they are my favourite and turning up to plaids is always more fun when you know this one piece of clothing (if worn right) can make collective jaws drop.  There are plenty of ways in which plaids can snazz up not only your wardrobe but also your day!  So if you fancy some real-deal 60s and 70s style, these are must! Thats what me and a fellow Chandigarh blogger and a friend – Jaspreet of toomuchjazz.com tried to do with our very first collaboration together!  A couple of weeks back she bought this plaid dress…

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    Roposo Shoot : Part 2

    Ahoy- hoy, and merry Tuesday to you! This post is in continuation of my last post for Roposo.  For my Indian look – I was asked to work around indo-western look. I am not a very indo-western sort of person. I’ve always liked  Indian and Western styles separately. I took it as a challenge and so for this look I decided to wear a brocade lehenga (from my sangeet) with a linen white shirt. Honestly, I couldn’t find anything else to wear with this lehenga. Like I mentioned in my last post – I didn’t want to buy anything new for these shoots. I wanted to use what I already have.  And…