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    Musical Fridays – Classics and Music from TV shows!

    hey hey hey! HAPPY FRIDAY and look what I have here! A cheerful reminder that it’s time for another Musical Fridays post. You keep me Hangin on – Vanilla Fudge  Cha Cha Twist – Ty Taylor  School – Supertramp  Feeling good – Nina Simone  Hold the line – Toto  I’ve been into all kind of music lately and I come across some really amazing music through TV shows. I never use to like music from TV shows, but lately it’s been getting better and better. So, the first song in the list – You keep me hanging on by Vanilla Fudge is really addictive. There are songs that grow on you slowly…

  • Modayalda.com

    In collaboration with Modayalda.com

    Hey you there, doing the radiance! So, I collaborated with this really cool Delhi based blogger. She worked on this really interesting series covering 60’s, 70’s and the 80’s fashion featuring dresses from my shop. Check out her website here. I’ll be sharing the series on my blog too. Hope you like it as much as I do! Vintage gingham mini dress : shopbe.in | sunglasses : Vajor | Wedges : Gifted | Fish net socks : Local Market | Velvet Clutch : Vintage heirloom Sixties was a decade that broke many fashion traditions. The women liberated themselves from the matronly clothing of the fifties with evolution of the mini dress…

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    My Go-To Nail Paints

    Ahoy-hoy, fabulous readers!  Sending a whopping ‘yay, this Monday! I don’t think I’ve ever talked anything beauty related on this blog. Honestly, I don’t have a beauty regime. I barely use anything except Kohl, but one thing I really like is Nail Paints. In my early 20’s I use to only wear black nail-paint (thanks to all the pun-rock influence) I still love it though. I’ve tried many nail paints over the years, but nothing suits me like these two – On my feet – Maybelline Color Show Bright Sparks, Molten Maroon 702 On my hands – Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Color, Pinky Promise  What are your go-to nailpaints? I’d love…

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    Yes OR No : Chokers

    A lot of people in the city seem to be wearing chokers especially with off shoulder tops. It really suits some people. Even though it’s a vintage item from the 80’s/90’s – I wouldn’t wear one. I don’t think that’s my style. Would you? Thoughts? Are you wearing one right now? 🙂