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    Being myself was an unheard phenomenon in my life for a long time. There was a time in my life where I always tried to be around many people to ensure something is always happening but never truly being myself. Because why not? I always thought of myself as an awkward kid or situations made me feel so. I was one of those kids who would never raise their hand in the class or would turn red if someone asks them anything. I still do. As I’ve gotten older, I have realised the way I connect with people is different from how people (specifically women) might usually do in the…

  • Music

    Musical Fridays – Classics and Music from TV shows!

    hey hey hey! HAPPY FRIDAY and look what I have here! A cheerful reminder that it’s time for another Musical Fridays post. You keep me Hangin on – Vanilla Fudge  Cha Cha Twist – Ty Taylor  School – Supertramp  Feeling good – Nina Simone  Hold the line – Toto  I’ve been into all kind of music lately and I come across some really amazing music through TV shows. I never use to like music from TV shows, but lately it’s been getting better and better. So, the first song in the list – You keep me hanging on by Vanilla Fudge is really addictive. There are songs that grow on you slowly…

  • Onstyle

    Can't live without this one piece of clothing!

    Trends come and go, but there are pieces of clothing that are simply timeless! For me – that one piece of clothing is anything with stripes. I can’t live without stripes. I love them and end up buying them over and over again. I already have a few in my closet and I’ve been wearing them for ages and I still don’t hesitate to buy more. I feel really comfortable, like myself and most importantly I feel confident in them and trust me they always look fresh. Here are some of my favourite ways to wear stripes! What is your favourite piece of clothing?

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    Oh love!

    Four years back on this day I decided to meet this man for dinner at a place close to the town and I sat next to this handsome man with the prettiest eye lashes and charming smile. My posture was relaxed and welcoming pointed to this man I had been in touch from few months. We talked, he made me laugh and we parted ways listening to our favorite music on the way back. That was the day I fell for him and I was angry at one of friends who introduced me to him and was thinking she tricked me into this. I’ve been smiling the whole time, because…