• retrodays, marks&spencer

    Favourite White Shirt!

    Well well well, look who’s back here! Apologies to each and everyone who look forward to reading my blog because I haven’t done anything here in a long long time. I wouldn’t say I was out of inspiration. To be very honest, I was very much inspired to do blog posts but recently I have been very very busy  with a few projects particularly retro days shop website (yes, it’s coming really soon, stay tuned!). I have been taking pictures of myself almost everyday and I was really tired of it! Last week has been a good break from all self photography and finally today I was willing to do…

  • Onstyle

    Find your style and stick to it!

    I have been doing a lot of outfit posts on my Facebook page. I realised my sense of style revolves around only a few things. I’m open to try to new things but I know where my comfort level lies and where I feel the most confident. I think I know what exactly I like and how I want my personality to come across to anyone who doesn’t know me. Style is a very important part of my life. I consider it as something that explains people who I am without knowing me. I try not to read blogs and know what the trends are- I feel they take me…