Denim Shirts

Ahoy friends! This week I’ve discovered some pretty stuff about my own personal fashion that I am going to follow this summer. Oh wait, I might sound like a big fashion follower, but trust me I am not. It’s just all about simplicity, pared-back aesthetics and a touch of vintage thrown in for good measure. Few of my upcoming posts will be pretty much focused on fashion and I promise some really creative ideas to look absolutely adorable this summer. Breathe deeply folks: some sprinkle of class will make your wardrobe extra special.

denim Denim Shirts

If you fancy yourself as more of a shirt loving lady, a denim shirt can be a great thing to stick to. Oh dear, what they can do your whole look- it’s pretty freakin’ impressive! As for something I didn’t know was still a thing: 90s throwback denim shirts. These pictures will bring you some old-fashioned charm!

See you soon, enjoy!  xx

Oxford Shoes

Hi again folks, a pleasure to see you all again. Is there a word for shoe addition? Can someone let me know, because there’s a pretty high chance I’ve got it. Oxford shoes – old, classy and traditional shoes worn by men over centuries are back in-style for women as well. As a vintage lover, trust me, you can’t go wrong with a style like that.

shoes Oxford Shoes

These shoes are perfect for women who are tired of wearing heels and what you see everyone else wearing on the streets. A classy pair of oxford shoes can add a tinge of awesomeness to your whole look, yup that’s true- I am pretty sure these pictures will get you excited about these shoes. I am going to wrap this up with a wonderful thought from writer Dorothy Parker- “The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity.” True that, Dorothy.

Love xx

Peter Pan

peter-pan-collar Peter Pan

Hello again! Hope the sun is shining on you wherever you may be. So, it’s summer time and it’s time for linen dresses, floral cotton, pastel stripes and button downs. Wohoo! As promised, here I am, unveiling another one of my all time favorite and must haves in the summer wardrobe – Peter Pan collar- dresses/ tops.

I am bamboozled about how the peter pan collar manages to nail the perfect blend of elegance, class and cuteness. I’ve always been a fan of peter pan collar and apparently the trend is hit this summer. If you want to give a more feminine, cute and romantic appeal, these can be perfect for you. Though I’ve seen a lot of people who are dead against them because of the fact that they look overly sweet and girly. Well, I don’t have a very girly style, but I adore peter pan collars and I think it’s totally possible to look authoritative in peter pan collar if you mix it with right clothes, seriously, that little beauty glows! Oh, and the pictures are pretty sweet on the eye too! Mmmm, you definitely can’t go wrong with these. Not that I needed much convincing.

Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy your week! xx

Pleated Skirts

pleated1 Pleated Skirts

Ahoy- hoy! It’s crazy hot and I’m suffering from tired Thursday this evening.  Instead of just whiling away my time I thought of sharing another one of my favorite summer style  of all time – Pleated skirts! There are few items of clothing that successfully make the jump from the days of teary toddler tantrums to adulthood and this is one of them.  I’ve been a fan of pleated skirts since I was in school, but the new variety definitely promises extra snugness and versatility. Pleated skirts have a simple, quiet beauty that I really like and I’m sure these great patterns and colors would make you wanna nab some.

It’s pretty amazing the fact that you can wear it with almost everything – this skirt can be teamed with a glammed up blouse, shirt, t-shirt, jacket, stockings, flat sandals, heels, ballerinas and oh you can just nail the look with oxfords ( I adore Taylor’s brown oxfords).  The trend is interesting and definitely fun to wear. Oh dear, this got me feeling fancy and I am convinced I need an entirely new wardrobe. Whoops.

Thanks for stopping by! xx

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