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    Favourite White Shirt!

    Well well well, look who’s back here! Apologies to each and everyone who look forward to reading my blog because I haven’t done anything here in a long long time. I wouldn’t say I was out of inspiration. To be very honest, I was very much inspired to do blog posts but recently I have been very very busy  with a few projects particularly retro days shop website (yes, it’s coming really soon, stay tuned!). I have been taking pictures of myself almost everyday and I was really tired of it! Last week has been a good break from all self photography and finally today I was willing to do…

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    Retrodays X Rosegal : Summer 2018!

    Bought these insane high wait pants from Rosegal and I am sure these will be perfect for this summer. I was really really doubtful while ordering these but I loved them so much, I ordered them anyway. I have been purchasing different kinds of jeans and was on the hunt for a perfect pair of high waist pants and then I found these! I ordered size extra small because it said the fabric provides stretch and I thought these would fit perfectly. They did, but the waist was still loose for me, so I got them altered a bit. Can’t decide who needs to work on their sizing here! 😛…

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      It’s good to have options in style and that sentiment extends to my one and only jumpsuit. I am not a jumpsuit person, just the thought of taking the whole thing off every time you have to use to washroom – never made me buy one! But this, this jumpsuit with beautiful shade of yellow in ruffles made me buy this. I honestly bought it just for the colour, I absolutely love this yellow and I couldn’t resist. It was an impulse buy and I don’t regret it. I know I am going to wear this a lot. The fabric is amazing and I also love the ruffles. I…