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    October Playlist!

    Back here with a playlist. This playlist is quite a mix! I have not discovered any new music honestly, I keep going back in time mostly. Been listening to ‘The Kooks a lot, Oasis, a lot of BB king, Ray Charles and Steve wonder. The only new band I discovered is ‘Heartless Bastards’ and I have playing the first song on the list over and over. The lead singer has such an amazing voice and this video is really cool! You will find some really slow music here as well, I have listening to slow music as well which wasn’t my thing really. Working from home does that to you? May be!? I hope you enjoy this!

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    I feel like an intruder lurking around about in this space!  Feels strange to be here after so long, adding these images and typing this out. A lot has happened since I wrote my last post in March! So here I go with my attempt to justify my absence. Let’s say I finally have my dream job! No kidding. I do have it now! A vintage inspired shop that I have been running offline from past couple of years finally made a debut online and there went all my time! I have in front of the camera way too much these past few months and it will continue to happen I guess. I have started to enjoy it a little bit to be honest. Since March I guess, I have been on a roll with the shop. I also got to work with one of my first buyers, which was a really good experience.

    Well, that’s it for now.

    Until then.

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