If you have been following my blog and particularly music section of my blog, you would know my taste. It’s mostly towards rock, classic rock and alternative rock. But recently, I’ve found myself getting inclined towards instrumental music. I could never relate to it before but from past few weeks thats what I’ve been listening to and enjoying it thoroughly. I think I’ve found my kind of instrumental music. How do I know? I got goose bumps and teary eyed.  This music brought so many different emotions and memories.

While I  was listening to this music, I read something in the comments section which stayed with me, “I’m pretty sure that I know this song from my early years…but I don’t know from where”. All I could think of was – yes, that’s exactly I wanted to say!

Hope you guys enjoy this music! <3

1 Opa Tsupa – Les deux Guitares

2. OPA TSUPA : Mamma mia (valse)

3. L’Indifference – Cafe Accordion Orchestra

4. JAJA – Elega al Che

5. Opa-Tsupa JaZz MaNoUcHe

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December 17, 2018

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