Well well well, look who’s back here! Apologies to each and everyone who look forward to reading my blog because I haven’t done anything here in a long long time. I wouldn’t say I was out of inspiration. To be very honest, I was very much inspired to do blog posts but recently I have been very very busy  with a few projects particularly retro days shop website (yes, it’s coming really soon, stay tuned!). I have been taking pictures of myself almost everyday and I was really tired of it! Last week has been a good break from all self photography and finally today I was willing to do something for the blog!

I’ve had this outfit in my mind from a long time. I think I bought this shirt last month and I have been thinking of putting it on the blog since then. It’s a beautiful beautiful shirt from Marks and Spencer – I bought it in size medium because I like oversized shirts. I love how it sits on my body. It has crispness to it which I absolutely love. I love how these oversized crisp shirts can look really sexy if you carry them right. This looks amazing with high waist jeans, but I loved it even more with this plaid shorts. I knew I wanted to feel super confident in this outfit and therefore I decided to pair it up with my loafers. I love how this has come out, I hope you do too!

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June 5, 2018

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