Retrodays X Zaful (Zaful Black Friday Sales – not to be missed!)

Retrodays, Zaful

Well this post came out much earlier than I expected because honestly I couldn’t wait to share pictures in this really badass jacket and also amazing Black Friday Sales on Zaful. Talking about the jacket first, well it’s really cool as as you can see. I love love how it looks and it’s not leather. Being a vegan, leather is a no no for me! But, for a Faux leather jacket, I think this gives a really nice chic look. I ordered a size small and it fits true to its size. The fabric is great and it’s obviously not meant for extreme winters. Its great for November kind of weather. I was wearing it during the day today and I had to take it off! But Man O Man, it really makes heads turn!

It really reminds me of my college days when I was a punk kid in my high top converse, black nail paint, skin tight jeans and everything black basically. I still have a lot of that in me but in moderation now. I think I’ve grown out of a punk kid who listens to Blink 182, Metallica to someone who is more like Kenny Rodgers, Dolly Parton and kinda like Stevie Nicks – do you know what I mean? I still listen to all kinds of rock music but I think this is the best way to put it and explain the transition. These pictures make me so nostalgic! I think it’s one of my favourite pieces ever. I wanted to do a very strong/ edgy kind of look for this post but I would love to wear this jacket with a dress. It’s really versatile and it’s a great piece to have in your wardrobe. (P.S. get the best of black Friday online sales!)

You can find similar stuff on Zaful and this the best time to purchase because there are amazing black Friday clothing deals going on! You definitely wouldn’t want to miss this! You get amazing stuff at really good prices and they ship worldwide!

Photo Credit – The very talented, Anay! 🙂

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