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Well, well well! What do we have here?  A Drop Shoulder Striped Turtleneck Sweater and a Top Handle Zippers Handbag – bringing together two cool things in one convenient format. Thank you RoseGal! Turtle necks have always been my favourite, they give length to my not-so-long neck and I think they suit me more than round necks.  I loved this one the moment I saw it – to many this jumper might not be the fanciest – but I loved the color and stripes. This is a very basic jumper but you can pair it with up with literally anything – I really like the versatility of it. I like the fabric, it’s perfect for this weather. In extreme winters, you definitely need to throw a warm jacket on top. So in the picture, it looked yellow and that was one of the reasons I chose it but when I got it – it was not yellow, its greenish yellow which I am fine with too. I would have a yellow one even more though. I am really happy with it overall.

About the bag, what can I say! I love it. I was looking for a bag exactly like this to be honest. This looks small, but its very spacious, the material is great and I love how simple it is and how classy it looks. This vintage wine color goes with pretty much everything. I have been using this a lot lately and see myself using this a lot!

I am extremely happy with these two items from RoseGal. I really wanted to try something different in photography for this post. For those who follow me here and on Instagram would know how much I love film photography. I love the grainy texture and imperfect pictures; I am not a big fan of perfect looking photos. I think color and personality that comes out in film photography – it can’t be replicated. I’ve been looking for a photographer who could do film/flash photography and I am so glad I came across Anay. We were on the same page in terms of photography and it just happened! So happy with these!

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November 22, 2017

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