I totally forgot to cover this outfit which is very unlike me especially because I love it!  I wore this outfit on an event organized by RentACloset. It’s pretty evident what they do, but you can rent really amazing designer outfits, bags at very reasonable prices! How does that sound? Pretty amazing, right? Their collection was beautiful, some of the outfits were absolutely gorgeous! Oh and these are Indian outfits!

Coming to my outfit – This gorgeous retro polka dot dress is thrifted, like most of my clothes! I really really love it because it has just the most amazing shape to it! This dress was slightly longer and I had to get it altered because I feel knee length dresses suit me more and add volume to my upper body and doesn’t make me look very skinny. Sometimes I can be really technical about how I want clothes to look on me and I wouldn’t stop till I get the end result – it has worked so far! I wanted to pair this up with something – white tshirt was my first option but I wanted to add a strong element to it and so I chose to go with this blue shirt. Do I even need to say anything about these shoes? I’ve been wearing them with every outfit and they so well with every bloody thing! I love them so much. I think they are a wonderful combination of feminine yet strong.


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October 8, 2017

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