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There is always room for some flower print, especially one this sweet and pretty.  This beautiful dress comes from Zaful. I was eyeing on a wrap dress from a long time and I was pretty amazed with the amount of styles and designs you get for these on Zaful.  I ordered this yellow one first because yellow is one of my favorite colours and second, I loved the frills on the sleeves. I love how this totally takes the shape of your body and still has some weight of its own with all the frills.  I am not use to wearing something which is completely unstitched and you just wrap it around, a person like me would be scared all the time of a loose knot. 😛 Wouldn’t you? I need to get use to it to be able to wear this. Since this dress is really feminine, I wanted to pair this up with something strong and a little bit of coolness, so I decided to go with ankle length boots and a denim jacket (will be great for the upcoming weather). Moving on to the second outfit ..

This pretty basic black and white t-shirt was another piece I choose from Zaful. I found this interesting. No particular reason! I feel it’s a great t-shirt to wear on day to day basis. The fabric feels amazing. I paired this up with a cute black skirt and these baby pinkish sneakers! (I am obsessed and baby pink is very unlike me J). I think it all came out well. I like the balance of chic and sporty here. I been wearing this t-shirt a lot lately, it goes well with so many things! Super duper happy with this! J


September 23, 2017

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