• black and white tshirt zaful

    Zaful X RetroDays – Part 4

    This is a sponsored post. There is always room for some flower print, especially one this sweet and pretty.  This beautiful dress comes from Zaful. I was eyeing on a wrap dress from a long time and I was pretty amazed with the amount of styles and designs you get for these on Zaful.  I ordered this yellow one first because yellow is one of my favorite colours and second, I loved the frills on the sleeves. I love how this totally takes the shape of your body and still has some weight of its own with all the frills.  I am not use to wearing something which is completely…

  • Retrodays - tshirtdress

    T-shirt Dress!

    What lovely weather to write a post. I’d like to think that with my blog I’ve come to a point where you guys know my style well. I have been a huge lover of vintage fashion and always will be. Sometimes I try things here and there, but my style has always remained the same. Coming to this dress, I have always loved the idea of wearing a tshirt beneath slip dresses because it makes them more wearable especially in this city and I also feel more comfortable this way. But this one, came with a tshirt already, I found it really cute. The only thing that I don’t like about…