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Not so long ago I wrote two outfit posts sponsored by Zaful and here I am again with another one (there are two more in the line! So wait for it :D). So, Zaful sent me some pieces and words might fall short for how much I love each one of them. I spent a lot of time picking up my choices, I was adamant that I wanted to order a mix of something that I don’t usually wear (something that I would end up wearing a lot) and basics (because I find it really hard to get out of comfort zone when it comes to clothing).

Coming to this very plain cropped black t-shirt. Embroideries have been really in lately and I realised I could do away with some, so I ordered this to try and I honestly loved it. I love the fabric, the cut from the shoulders and the length. I have never been a big fan of cropped tops but this sure changed my mind about it a little bit. There are literally plenty of ways to style a black t-shirt. I paired them up with these gingham pants I haven’t worn more than once. These needed a bit of alteration and I have been lazy getting it done. I have no idea why, but I love them now and will be wearing them a lot I guess! I paired these with my all time favorite brogues. All in all I am really happy the way this outfit looked in the end.

I also wanted to pair this t-shirt with something other than jeans, pants or a skirt. I tried it with a slip-on dress and I love how effortlessly cool it looked. While the previous outfit gave a slightly formal look, this one is more relaxed and cool. It’s a good way to wear a dress in day to day life when you want to look cool without any effort. I paired these up with pointed tie up flats. I hope you guys liked these looks!

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There are two more outfit posts on Zaful coming on the the blog really soon. Stay tuned guys!

August 20, 2017

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