Sometimes there is no better feeling than crawling into an old dress that you almost forgot about! How great does this look? I can’t believe I almost forgot about it until yesterday when I saw this again while cleaning my cupboard. I am so glad I found this dress because it is just so classy in many ways. I love the buttons in the front, the cut and the gingham combo is pretty adorable too. This also has a frilled belt which is very oddly placed but it also helps you to wrap it around in more than just one way. It’s also the perfect weather to wear a dress like this because the fabric is not 100% cotton, so it sticks around a bit but I don’t mind it at all in this weather.

I’ve tried to give a very vintage look with the dress here with a wicker bag (which is handmade my by nani by the way) and strapy shoes, but it also looked adorable with an off-white t-shirt underneath. This is an insanely flattering dress and completely effortlessly chic. I think this dress is going to get a lot of wear in the coming months


August 15, 2017

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