• Zaful embroidered tshirt

    Zaful X RetroDays – Part 3 (and discount coupons!)

    This post is sponsored by Zaful. Not so long ago I wrote two outfit posts sponsored by Zaful and here I am again with another one (there are two more in the line! So wait for it :D). So, Zaful sent me some pieces and words might fall short for how much I love each one of them. I spent a lot of time picking up my choices, I was adamant that I wanted to order a mix of something that I don’t usually wear (something that I would end up wearing a lot) and basics (because I find it really hard to get out of comfort zone when it…

  • Gingham Vintage Dress

    Cute Old Things <3

    Sometimes there is no better feeling than crawling into an old dress that you almost forgot about! How great does this look? I can’t believe I almost forgot about it until yesterday when I saw this again while cleaning my cupboard. I am so glad I found this dress because it is just so classy in many ways. I love the buttons in the front, the cut and the gingham combo is pretty adorable too. This also has a frilled belt which is very oddly placed but it also helps you to wrap it around in more than just one way. It’s also the perfect weather to wear a dress…

  • Music

    August Playlist!

    Ok, it’s been more than a month since I posted something here but it’s never too late! I have something delightful for your eardrums. Here are a few songs I’ve been into lately! Stay – 30 Second to Mars – Cover – I’ve been a lot into covers lately and this is definitely my favourite! I don’t like the original song as much as this one and can you believe this guy is 45? What a stud! 2. Roxanne – Annen May Kantereit and Miky Chance –  Cover again! This is as raw as raw can get and it’s incredible! 3. Flashed Junk Mind – Milky Chance – Everything about…