Do rock band t-shirts ever go out of style? Well, not for me! I don’t know if it’s me or they do have a psychological impact. Past one week has been a really really heavy one. I’m super glad that it’s over and looking forward to the next one! There are times when I need to make myself feel – everything will be okay – I’ve realised that’s when I wear these the most. Wearing them somehow make me feel strong and power packed. This is one piece of clothing which I feel the most confident in and also myself. They feel like home!

Well, talking about the look – this super cool Guns n Roses tshirt is from appycat.street. They have a really awesome collection of band t-shirts and tons of other stuff.  Skirt is DIY, it was a long skirt before and I got it cut short. With time I’ve realised I hate long skirts. My favourites are knee lengths and short skirts. I think they suit my personality more and also they make me look taller. Shoes are New balance Classics (similar). They have really lost their colour but I still love them and plan to wear them for as long as I can. I hope you like this look!

So, does your style gets affected by your mood? What do you choose to wear? Would love to know!




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April 30, 2017

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