• Onstyle

    Tracking the Off Shoulder trend!

    Hi there comrades! I hope your days have been good  since I saw you last! As for me, I’m finally making my debut with the ‘still very IN’ – Off Shoulder! Honestly if it wasn’t for this top, I wouldn’t have covered it. I’m not a big fan of off shoulder tops ( I hate strapless bras) but this one totally had me! I love the sleeves and the elasticised waist and the print of course. It just matched perfectly with my style. I’ve paired it up with a semi boot-cut jeans and peep toe strap heels. xx Photo courtesy – https://www.instagram.com/dmayank/

  • Onstyle

    Minimalist Fashion

    Honestly, I’m not someone who is into minimalist fashion too much. I love layering and be more creative with my clothes. But sometimes,  you just want straight fashion – nothing else and today was one of those days. I wanted something really simple, comfy yet stylish. And what can be more comfortable and stylish than a linen white shirt, a pair of vintage jeans and plain black oxfords? It’s evergreen! Never goes out of style! I’m thinking of doing more posts on minimalist fashion, I’m starting to enjoy it, I hope you do too 🙂

  • Lifeinpictures

    The way I see it..

    Hello lovelies! How have you been? I have always loved clicking pictures and I’ve always loved doing photography posts. But today while scrolling through my phone and I realise I don’t click as many photos as I use to. Unless I am travelling, the only photos that I click are of my outfits or something for the website.  Grrr! This is what keeping up with everything does to you, you tend to forget the beauty around you! I am going to try and do more of this as I use to! xx Until next time..