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    On Confidence

    Ahoy-hoy, BE folks. I hope August has been good for you. For me, it has been inspirational. Weather really lifts me up and it’s been beautiful lately. I love this time of the year. It makes me super nostalgic! Remember as kids, we use to get so much advice? Some of it actually turned out to be pretty useful: don’t press your pimples, never take anything from a stranger, early to bed early to rise makes and a man healthy, wealthy and wise, never shop without checking zippers and buttons, and finish your homework and some of it was utter bullshit. I think it’s better to skip it.  But the motive…

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    My Go-To Nail Paints

    Ahoy-hoy, fabulous readers!  Sending a whopping ‘yay, this Monday! I don’t think I’ve ever talked anything beauty related on this blog. Honestly, I don’t have a beauty regime. I barely use anything except Kohl, but one thing I really like is Nail Paints. In my early 20’s I use to only wear black nail-paint (thanks to all the pun-rock influence) I still love it though. I’ve tried many nail paints over the years, but nothing suits me like these two – On my feet – Maybelline Color Show Bright Sparks, Molten Maroon 702 On my hands – Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Color, Pinky Promise  What are your go-to nailpaints? I’d love…

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    Yes OR No : Chokers

    A lot of people in the city seem to be wearing chokers especially with off shoulder tops. It really suits some people. Even though it’s a vintage item from the 80’s/90’s – I wouldn’t wear one. I don’t think that’s my style. Would you? Thoughts? Are you wearing one right now? 🙂

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    Rock vibes and more..

    Is there anything more enjoyable than listening to good music and dressing up in your favourite bands tee? Not for me! Music has always been a very important part of my life. It’s like having my own music festival going on in my head and it always leaves me with a big, stupid grin on my face. Really. I’ve always loved wearing band t-shirts, I feel so confident in them – for all the right reasons! They make me feel like myself, free and just a little unexpected. Here I’ve paired this really cool Beatles T-shirt (gifted) with black pants and oxford shoes (gifted). That’s how I keep it usually…