This is my very first collaboration after opening my little curated clothing shop – BE.  I’ve never done collaborations before and I was pretty nervous about reaching out to people and convince them to do it. I wanted to start from my own city, Chandigarh and I had been following this blog – Spangle Street from a long time and I knew I had to start from here. I immediately got in touch with Gurbani and she seemed pretty excited about it. It turned out soooooo good! Super duper happy with this. I hope you guys like this as much as I do!


Hey all!

Hope to find you in the best of your spirits on this Monday morning. I’m humming this beautiful track by Gabrielle Aplin -“Home” while styling this gorgeous vintage dress from “Be”
My love for all things vintage is pretty evident on the blog. I come crawling back to this style time and again. I feel it reflects my inner style, my soul, if you know what I mean.
About “Be”
“Be” is one of its kind clothing line that effortlessly carries strong vintage vibes in their collection of personally curated pieces. By Vintage I mean truly vintage reflecting fashion from the 70’s to the 80’s. Oh, what an era that was! If you want to experience untouched, raw and truly old school fashion, “Be” is your place to be! You can find out their collection on Facebook and Instagram. (@justgotta_be)
I have styled this gorgeous layered dress with my ankle boots. It’s perfect for a fun outing with friends on a summer evening. You could watch a movie and grab a coffee and then head straight to the bar for live music in this outfit. (Yes!)
Check out below how we do it at Spangle Street:
Dress: Be (Instagram: @shruti_shopbe, @shopbe.in)
Shoes: Promod
Sunglasses: Bubble Street

Sunglasses: Bubble Street

Catch you again,super soon

until then,

xoxo !

May 9, 2016

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