Is it just me or we all are actually loosing things?  We are loosing what we were when we were kids. Carefree, playful, true, happy, and innocent and a lot of other things we don’t pay a lot of attention to and so they don’t really matter when they disappear. There are a lot of things that I remember from my childhood and somehow I miss a lot more of what I had, than what I have now.

 Back then in school, I use to quickly complete my homework to go and play with my friends in the evening. Now I reach home when the sun goes down and still sit in front of this ugly screen and do my stuff. I miss playing out with friends and have something to look forward to. Ah! Talking about friends – I think the older you become, less friends you have.

 When we are young, we are exploring ourselves- we are still! This process never ends – we see things, experience them and understand. Now that I am not living with my parents, I really miss spending time with them and talk to them about anything and everything. I miss talking and drinking tea with my family out in the patio on a rainy day. Such wonderful things they were! I wonder why most of us realize these things when they are gone.

I miss my old house furniture because I don’t really like this new age contemporary stuff. Things that were nothing to me back then, were the only things I feel had a soul in them. I miss these small little things we don’t usually pay much attention to -traditional rug, old telephones, old fan, smell of new/ old books, watching your parents grow old, watching kids playing in the street. A part of me is happy to grow old, happy to meet different people, learn new things, new technology- but a part of me miss those days a lot, like a lot. I don’t know why – may be because life was easy then, but I guess there was more innocence, kindness, love and more life.

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August 30, 2013

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