Hello again! Hope the sun is shining on you wherever you may be. So, it’s summer time and it’s time for linen dresses, floral cotton, pastel stripes and button downs. Wohoo! As promised, here I am, unveiling another one of my all time favorite and must haves in the summer wardrobe – Peter Pan collar- dresses/ tops.

I am bamboozled about how the peter pan collar manages to nail the perfect blend of elegance, class and cuteness. I’ve always been a fan of peter pan collar and apparently the trend is hit this summer. If you want to give a more feminine, cute and romantic appeal, these can be perfect for you. Though I’ve seen a lot of people who are dead against them because of the fact that they look overly sweet and girly. Well, I don’t have a very girly style, but I adore peter pan collars and I think it’s totally possible to look authoritative in peter pan collar if you mix it with right clothes, seriously, that little beauty glows! Oh, and the pictures are pretty sweet on the eye too! Mmmm, you definitely can’t go wrong with these. Not that I needed much convincing.

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July 19, 2013


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