Hi again folks, a pleasure to see you all again. Is there a word for shoe addition? Can someone let me know, because there’s a pretty high chance I’ve got it. Oxford shoes – old, classy and traditional shoes worn by men over centuries are back in-style for women as well. As a vintage lover, trust me, you can’t go wrong with a style like that.

These shoes are perfect for women who are tired of wearing heels and what you see everyone else wearing on the streets. A classy pair of oxford shoes can add a tinge of awesomeness to your whole look, yup that’s true- I am pretty sure these pictures will get you excited about these shoes. I am going to wrap this up with a wonderful thought from writer Dorothy Parker- “The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity.” True that, Dorothy.

Love xx

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July 20, 2013

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