Ahoy friends! This week I’ve discovered some pretty stuff about my own personal fashion that I am going to follow this summer. Oh wait, I might sound like a big fashion follower, but trust me I am not. It’s just all about simplicity, pared-back aesthetics and a touch of vintage thrown in for good measure. Few of my upcoming posts will be pretty much focused on fashion and I promise some really creative ideas to look absolutely adorable this summer. Breathe deeply folks: some sprinkle of class will make your wardrobe extra special.

If you fancy yourself as more of a shirt loving lady, a denim shirt can be a great thing to stick to. Oh dear, what they can do your whole look- it’s pretty freakin’ impressive! As for something I didn’t know was still a thing: 90s throwback denim shirts. These pictures will bring you some old-fashioned charm!

See you soon, enjoy!  xx

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July 21, 2013

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